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Belgian Stone ─ Grey

Size: Cube
Durable and irregularly shaped stones commonly used in paving roads, streets, and walkways. Originating from Belgium, they are typically made from granite or basalt and are known for their strength and aesthetic appeal. When laid closely together in patterns like herringbone or basket weave, they create visually appealing surfaces that withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. Belgian blocks add a touch of Old World charm to urban landscapes and are favored for their durability and timeless elegance.
  • Cube: 4"x 4"x 4" 
  • Regular: 9"x 5"x 5"
  • Quantity of Regular Stones per Pallet:  140
  • Jumbo: 10"x 7"x 4"
  • Quantity of Jumbo Stone per Pallet: 100
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Size: Cube