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Size: 2 gal
Style: 'Blue Angel'
  • Bloom Colors: Mauve, Purple, or White
  • Bloom Time: Varies by species
  • Length of bloom: 3 to 4 weeks
  • Height: Varies by species
  • Spread: Varies by species
  • Light preference: Part shade 

Hostas are perhaps the perfect no-care shade plants, with dense leaves covering the ground from late spring through fall and stalks of narrow, lilylike flowers. For most hostas, foliage is the key to the beauty. The leaves can be lance-shaped, heart-shaped, or oval, with smooth or wavy edges, and may have quilted or puckered texture. The leaves come in all shade of green and many cultivars have beautifully variegated foliage. 


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Size: 2 gal
Style: 'Blue Angel'