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Jonathan Green Veri-Green Starter Fertilizer for Seeding & Sodding

Size: 5000 sqft
Want to give your new lawn the best chance of survival and a successful germination rate? Of course you do! Jonathan Green Veri-Green Starter Lawn Fertilizer for Seeding & Sodding has been specifically designed to grow thicker grass roots more quickly. Healthy grass roots are essential for new seedlings to survive harsh weather conditions.

Our Veri-Green Lawn Food for Seeding and Sodding is rich in phosphorus, a key component in the development of root formation. This product also contains humates that enhance the efficiency, availability, and exchange of plant nutrients to and from the soil.

For best results, this starter fertilizer should be applied just after seeding a new lawn or installing sod rolls. We recommend checking local ordinances to determine the appropriate application times and any region-specific restrictions.
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Size: 5000 sqft