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Modified Stone (¾")



Modified Stone ¾" is a stone mixed with screenings. This is excellent to compact as patio base. We enjoy having a variety of customers, guests, fans, and gardening / outdoor living enthusiasts enjoy all of our amazing products. We have everything from amazing evergreens to use for privacy screening—or unique garden décor you can only find on location. In addition, our Modified Stone ¾", has become a popular item for updating and modernizing the patios with use of flagstone and pavers on a variety of properties in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Finally, be sure to check out our growing online store and share with some fellow landscape friends. We look forward to seeing you. \n

How much stone do I need?

1 cubic yard of stone/gravel will cover 100 sq. feet at approx. 2″ deep. Call if you have any questions. Out garden center experts are always ready to help you out. Whether it is a short phone call to find out the information you need or stopping by for some suggestions, our team is ready. We take pride in our friendly and knowledgeable customer service. We truly look forward to making your outdoor landscape dreams a reality. Furthermore, we have resources available to assist you in making the correct decisions within our wide availability of offerings.
Shipping & Returns

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