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Nutra Mulch

Nutra Mulch is an all purpose compost that is a custom blend of soil enriching nutrients in the form of large organic molecules. This mulch is able to help prevent erosion in some garden areas and landscape features. This product also provides nutrients which slow release providing longer plant feeding than synthetic fertilizer. Nutra Mulch has also been known to loosen tightly particles in clay. This improves root structure, water-drainage, and air penetration.  bound Visit the online store to view more bulk materials. Furthermore please feel free to find us on Google Maps to see how far from Holly Days Nursery you are. \n

How much Nutra Mulch mulch do I need?

\nFor correct usage contact Holly Days at 215.283.3228. \n \nNormally, a 2-3″ layer of mulch is recommended. One cubic yard (27 cubic feet) will cover roughly 162 square feet if spread 2” thick.
Shipping & Returns

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