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Pyrus 'Keiffer'

Grow delicious Kieffer Pears just about anywhere in the country - with our Kieffer Pear Tree, it's easy. These delicious, bright yellow pears are great for eating fresh, canning, in desserts, and for making preserves and honey! Plus, the Kieffer Pear Tree is pest and disease resistant, and adapts to many climates and soils (though it does best in full sun and well-drained soil). And it's easy to grow in your own backyard since it does not require a lot of care and pesticides. Even better? It's known for its hardiness and long lifespan, and tolerates heat and drought very well. The Kieffer's round, symmetrical shape and shiny green leaves make it an exceptional landscape tree, as well as a heavily-producing fruit tree. The Kieffer is self-pollinating, but like all fruiting trees, gives the best yield when paired with at least one other pear tree.
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