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Size: 1 gallon
Style: 'Caradonna'
  • Bloom Color: Blue, pink, purple, red, or white
  • Bloom Time: Summer to fall
  • Length of Bloom: 2 months or more
  • Height: Varies by species
  • Spread: Varies by species
  • Light Preference: Full sun or light shade

Salvia, or sage, is a diverse genus of flowering plants known for their vibrant spikes of blooms, aromatic foliage, and ability to attract pollinators. Available in colors like blue, purple, red, pink, and white, Salvias bloom from late spring to fall, providing continuous garden color. They thrive in full sun and well-drained soil, are drought-tolerant once established, and require low maintenance. Popular in perennial borders, herb gardens, and containers, Salvias bring beauty, fragrance, and ecological value to any landscape.

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Size: 1 gallon
Style: 'Caradonna'