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Tuff Stuff Hydrangea

Size: 3 gal
  • Bloom Color: Pink and purple
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Height: 2 to 3 feet
  • Spread: 2 to 3 feet
  • Light preference: Partial shade

Tuff Stuff Hydrangea (Hydrangea serrata 'Tuff Stuff') is a compact, reblooming hydrangea known for its lacecap flowers and dwarf growth habit. It reaches heights and widths of 2 to 3 feet, thriving in partial shade and well-drained soil. Flowers bloom repeatedly from late spring to summer, starting light pink or blue and deepening with maturity. Low-maintenance, it requires minimal pruning and regular watering. Tuff Stuff Hydrangea is versatile, suitable for borders, accents, or mass plantings, adding continuous color and interest to gardens and landscapes.

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Size: 3 gal